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What Do You Think Matters Most to Our Children?

Whether you are a teacher, parent, relative, boss, or fellow community member, each of us has a chance to make a positive and impactful difference in a child’s life.
But in order to do this, we must carefully consider this question:

What do you think matters most to our children?

For 20 years I have been posing this question to my students. At the beginning of every school year, I would ask my students to give me advice on how to be their best teacher. I asked them to think about the times they felt most successful and to consider what the adults in their lives did to make this success possible.

The classroom would become immediately silent as the students wrote intensely for longer than they had ever written before. Smiles would appear on their faces as they reflected on the happy experiences they were remembering. After reading their responses I would add to my list all the ideas they mentioned.

Surprisingly, many of the responses were the same. Year after year, in every grade level, content area and classroom I was in, regardless of demographics or background, students were saying the same things and had the same message: It’s the small things you do that mean the most. That is what they remembered. That is what mattered.

Here is a list of the 12 Most Important things that came out of these amazing conversations.:

1. Greet me each day

Wish me good morning, and send me off with a “see ya tomorrow.”

2. Smile

When you look at me, let me see happiness in your eyes.

3. Give me your attention

Sit and talk with me privately; even if only for a second.

4. Imagine with me

Help me dream of things I might be able to do; not just the things I need to do now.

5. Give me challenging content and assignments

Show me how to handle it. Teach me what to do.

6. Ask about me

Inquire about my weekend, the game I played, the places I go. It shows you care about my life.

7. Let me have time

Time to let things sink in. Time to think. Time to reflect, process, and play.

8. Demand of me

Hold me accountable to high standards. Don’t let me get away with what you know I am capable of doing better.

9. Notice Me

Leave special messages in my desk or locker. Just a quick note that says you notice something right.

10. Let me ask the questions

Even if they are off topic. It will show that I am thinking about new perspectives, curious, and willing to learn more. Let me have the chance to show what I am wondering about, not just what I know.

11. Engage me

I came to you in love with learning, keep me excited, keep me wanting more.

12. Trust me

Believe that I can do it. Allow me the chance. I promise to show you I can.

What wonderful words with so much meaning!  I hope we all have something to learn from them and we keep them in mind while helping our children to grow.  Thus, guiding them to become positive and self – confident adults. 😀

P.S.  Thank you Margi for the original post. 

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A Very Big Welcome!

Hi everyone!
Thanks for visiting my blog! In my first post, I would like to send out a very big thank you to a very special person in my life for helping me to find Kindermusik, that person is my MOM!!!!
I can’t wait to start bringing the joy of Kindermusik to your children and families, and start touching their lives in such a positive way!
During class, we will have lots of magical moments listening to music, storytelling, dancing and moving around the class, bonding and learning English.
Please visit my blog to keep up-to-date with class schedules, events, latest research, advice, photos and videos, activities and anything else that comes to mind concerning children, music, and child development and education.
Hope to see you all soon!
Have a wonderful musical day!
kmchryssa, xoxo