Kindermusik with Chryssa's Blog

Kindermusik International e' il leader nel mondo per programmi di musica e movimento per bambini / Kindermusik® is the world's leading provider of music & movement programs for young children, enjoyed by over 1.5 million families in 70+ countries.

About Chryssa

Mrs Chryssa was born in South Africa, has lived in Cyprus and Greece, and now lives in Besozzo, Italy. She has a degree in Environmental Science and is a certified English teacher, but has always had an innate passion for music and dance.

She decided to become a Kindermusik educator to share her love for music and teaching with young children and help them not only enhance their physical, cognitive, linguistic and emotional development, but learn English in a fun and musical environment without any pressure and stress to perform too.

She also aims to assist parents/caretakers bond with their children, by focusing on them during class as well as afterwards with the help of the Home Materials provided.

Want to be part of a magical musical experience? Join Chryssa in a pleasurable and rewarding class of Kindermusik.


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