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“One of the Best Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep”

on July 14, 2013

My baby doesn’t sleep at night….and I am desperate….I really don’t know what to do….I ‘ ll do anything to get my little one to sleep through the night!

Sound familiar?

“When baby ain’t sleepin’, ain’t nobody sleepin’!”

Desperate parents will really go to all lengths to get their baby to sleep through the night.  A recent post on Kindermusik’ s blog suggests that one of the best ways to get your baby to sleep is to sing to them!  What do you sing to your baby I hear you asking?   A lullaby, of course!  Don’t worry about not having a stage – perfect voice, to your baby your voice is the most beautiful sound there is!  In any case, noone else apart from you is going to hear you singing softly to your baby in the early hours of the morning…

Music to help baby sleep

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Lullabies for Babies

While your baby has learns to fall asleep on his / her own, you may want to play some gentle lullaby recordings to help your baby in this process. Some suggestions by Kindermusik are the following:

You Are My Sunshine by Kindermusik International – available at Amazon or

Violin Lullabies, a new release by violinist Rachel Barton Pine

Flying Dreams, a harp and flute recording by Emily Mitchell and James Galway


Create a Playlist

If you’re a Kindermusik family, you know that gentle listening music as well as lullabies is always included in Kindermusik music. You could create a playlist of all of your favourite Kindermusik lullabies and rocking songs so that it’s ready at the touch of a button – in the car, before a nap… or when you’re too tired to remember the words in the middle of the night!

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