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Kindermusik International e' il leader nel mondo per programmi di musica e movimento per bambini / Kindermusik® is the world's leading provider of music & movement programs for young children, enjoyed by over 1.5 million families in 70+ countries.

Benefits of Kindermusik for ALL ages!

Following the series I have blogged about the benefits of Kindermusik for various age groups, I would like to finish with the benefits of KM for ALL ages!  Kindermusik believes that the parent / caregiver is the child’s best teacher and strives on bonding time between the two not only in class, but in the comfort of your own home enviornment!  So, check out the benefits that KM has to offer for all of us!

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50 Earth Day Activities

Reblogged from Tinkerlab

Earth Day is our annual reminder to slow down and appreciate the bounty of the earth and all of the blessings it gives to our lives. As an avid recycler and upcycler, I’ve always loved Earth Day (April 22 this year), and I wanted to mark it with a round up of activities from some of my favorite sites, categorized in three themes: Natural Materials, Recycled Materials, and Outdoor Art.

50 Earth Day Activities for kids

Natural Materials

fairy garden

Recycled Materials

tin can drum recycle

Outdoor Art

mud pie kitchen


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Benefits of Kindermusik for Preschoolers and “Big Kids”

Kindermusik is an enrichment program taught in music studios and preschools in 72 countries around the world!  Have you ever wondered what the benefits of this amazing program could be for your preschoolers?


I hear you asking what Kindermusik offers for “big kids” aged 5 to 7…..Kindermusik classes and curricula for “big kids” aged 5 to 7 help set the foundations for formal music instruction – and school readiness! So, make sure to involve music in your child’s life as soon as possible, because a good beginning never ends!


Hope to see you soon in one of our Kindermusik classes!



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Benefits of Kindermusik for Toddlers

I recently posted the benefits of Kindermusik for babies, BUT they are definitely not the only ones who benefit from taking Kindermusik classes.  Below are the benefits for our toddlers and the many reasons why you should find a program near you and enroll.
So WHAT are you waiting for?? Find a class near you!

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Benefits of Kindermusik for Babies

This poster by Kindermusik International is really interesting and tells you why Kindermusik recommends parents start taking classes with their babies as soon as they can!

So what are you waiting for? Find a class near you!
…For information about your free preview class and classes held in the province of Varese, Italy please don’t hesitate to contact me. 😀 …

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